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Kamarados Law Offices represents veterans and their dependents in appealing the denial of Veterans’ Disability Benefits. Veterans may be entitled to benefits for injuries or diseases connected to their service. Attorney, John S. Kamarados handles these types of claims and represents veterans who have been denied benefits for a disabling condition related to their time in service.

A veteran is eligible for disability benefits if they sustain an injury or disease that occurred while on active duty and the injury was the result of his service or was exacerbated by service. You may be eligible for veterans' benefits if you have a service-related disability and you were honorably discharged, or discharged on other than dishonorable conditions. A veteran who sustained an injury or disease that happened while on active duty, or was made worse by active military service, may be entitled to monthly compensation. In order to receive compensation, the veteran must have a service connected disability rating. The level of the rating will determine the amount of monthly compensation received and a veteran can request an increase in the rating if the condition worsens.

 John has also handled claims for veterans who are suffering from diseases related to agent orange exposure and asbestos. The VA has designated certain conditions including diabetes and some cancers, to name a few, as being linked to agent orange exposure. If you have been denied benefits for a service related an injury or disease by the Department of Veterans Affairs and you want to pursue your right to an appeal, you must do so in a timely manner. Our veterans’ benefits attorney also handles cases before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and on behalf of survivors.   John also offers Pro Bono property tax advice for widows or widowers of veterans in Pennsylvania whose spouses have died as a result of a service connected injury or disability.

Kamarados Law Offices veteran's benefits cases are handled before the VA at the Regional Office and before the Board of veterans Appeals as well as before the CAVC for clients throughout the country.  Please feel free to contact our veterans’ benefits attorney, John S. Kamarados, for a Free Initial Consultation.

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